About Dr. D L Cook, DDS, SC,

Dr. Reinhold VOLLSeminars and continuing Education:
Electro Acupuncture by Dr. Rinehold Voll, MD

Continuing education courses:

  • Prosthodontics,
  • Facial Pain,
  • EAV in the Dental Office
  • Dental Reviews at Mayo Clinic,
  • Management for Effectiveness
  • Radiographs in Periodontal
  • Local Anesthesia
  • Periapical Disease – Endo-Perio
  • American Medical Research and Review
  • The Society for the Study of Biochemical Imbalance,
  • Enderline Enterprises Pleomorphic,
  • American Institute of Hypnosis,
  • International Congress -Electrodermal Screening Health Practitioners
  • Bio-theraputic Drainage,
  • Auriculotherapy and Auricular Medicine
  • Diagnosis & Treatment in Dentistry and Medicine
  • Applied Science for Alternative Medicine and Healing Arts
  • Protocol Biological Dentistry
  • Dental Medical and Scientific Conference
  • Sources and Treatment of Oral Toxicities
  • Personalized Metabolic Nutrition
  • The North American Academy of Auricular Medicine and Acupuncture Research
  • Dr. Med. Rinehold Voll. MD,
  • Training at Doctor’s Hospital in General Anesthesia.

Seminars Given:
United States: 18 Wisconsin, New Jersey, Florida,
California,Utah, Illinois,
North Carolina,
Pennsylvania, Georgia.
Canada – 2 Toronto, Vancouver
Mexico – 1 Porte Veartia
Australia – Brisbane

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