Dr. Laura Railand D. M. D.

Dr. Laura Railand, D.M.D. When Dr. Laura Railand graduated from dental school she took her professional oath to do no harm seriously.  She has taken many hours of continuing education to learn the least invasive and most biocompatible methods to treat her patients.  This has been to better serve her patients and to help them achieve optimal health through the mouth body connection. Dr. Railand...

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Turns out I wasn’t crazy!

Dear Dr. Cook, Thank you for taking such good careful care of me. Currently #4 is hanging ini there. Still hoping the colloidal silver does the trick. To think I have lived without you for almost 7 excruciatingly painful years! Asking for help with my horrid head /jaw /sinus pain was maddening. Oral Surgeons, endo dontists, “holistic dentist” – ( who knew you but wouldn’t...

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