Bonding Protocol

12. Instruct patient to concentrate on chewing when eating. Premise Indirect is strong,but it will not stand impact from popcorn seeds, bone in ground meat, or shells of nuts that you do not expect.
13. Give policy for replacement of BelleGlass with estimate should breakage occur. Example: $100.00 off original price or your own policy.

Assistants set up for Placing Premise Indirect


  • 4 microbrush disposable applicators
  • echant 3M (no aluminum)
  • dry bond copalite (Dental Health Products)
  • Tenure A & B two drops of each for restoration and preparation, use amber covered dish.
  • Tenure S.
  • Holistore A & B, mixing pad and plastic stick
  • Applicator brush to remove excess Holistore.
  • Dental floss
  • Extra mirror for assistant to hold placed restoration for dentist to floss contacts

Materials: Holistore Dry Bond, Tenure and Tenure S for bonding and restorative fillings. Phone Dental Health Produts (800) 626-2163. Call Den-Mat for the Holistore material at 800-433-6628. Geristore Holistore is not the same as Holistore, you need to get the Holistore.

Check your local Premise Indirect lab or you may use Cook Dental Laboratory, .
10971 Clinic Road,
Suring Wisconsin 54174
Flint Cook owner, 20+ years experience.

Phone 920-842-2083

Cook Dental Lab also construct Dentures and Partials from no cadmium containing plastic using a twenty hour curing process. Call for Laboratory boxes, prescription and price sheets

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