Dentistry health

Dentistry has far reaching effects on the human body. My experience that took place sixteen years ago, involved a painful elbow thatDouglas L. Cook, DDS, SC. almost ended my dental career.

Severe pain would not allow me to reach for dental instruments or extract a tooth that required any strength.

An evaluation of my teeth with a Digital Computerized Meter pointed to a dead tooth that had no clinical symptoms. Removal of the tooth relieved the pain in my elbow, and allowed me to continue to practice dentistry.

I have repeatedly seen this same experience in variable symptoms of my patients; with root canals, cavitations, toxins from gingival cervicular fluid, metal and metal oxide in composites, and dental restorations.

My 50 years in dentistry with the past twenty-25 devoted to “dentistry health”—points to the critical health needs not addressed in our dental schools today.