Feels like you saved my life

frontcoverSMALLDear Dr. Cook,

On February 11th, 2016, you removed an infected root canal that was 2 months old, and on April 26th a tooth implant that was put in about 4 years ago. The implant was also infected, which I didn’t know or feel. I have not been feeling well but never related it to the implant or the root canal.

For the past few years i have been struggling with strep throat, ear pain, sinus and respiratory infections. i have learned to stay close to home to I didn’t expose myself to people in public I might get an infection from.

I felt very different the day y ou took out the implant. I had good energy even after having the surgery of the implant removal. My energy and health are improving daily for the past week.

I am looking forward to having the metal bridges removed. i will also be recovering all the crowns. I have been tired and depressed for as lon as I can remember. I have bridges that are 20 years old so that gives you an idea of how long I have been struggling. I am looking forward to renewed energy.

I am very grateful for the vast amount of information  you, your book and staff (Christie and Lisa) have shared with me. I feel I am better able to make an informed decision about the removal of my crowns and bridges.

I really feel like you have saved my life and given me hope for living a higher quality of life than I have in years.


With great Appreciation,

Linda M. Gillis

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