Oral Potential Meter

Oral Potential Meter

The Oral Potential Meter II aids the dental professional in detecting potential caries. It performs measurements of certain electrochemical properties of various metallic restorations.OPM - Oral Potential Meter, dr. Cook OPM

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Mercury fillings that have been placed over a period of time, develop a different content, as does other kinds of dental metallic restorative material. When both are placed in the same oral cavity of the same individual, galvanic electricty generated between the two can be measured exactly.

Various biological tests reveal how electricity exerts its influence on hard tissue and pulp of the teeth.

Laboratory examination of the tests revealed the following results:
1. Using different electrobaths made of mercurous chloride electrodes, the natural electric potential of amalgam and various kinds of alloys for dental usecan be measured. The mercury content changes the potential of different amalgams. The increase of mercury content, produced an unstable condition that could be demonstrated. In fillings of small mercury content, the current veered to the (+) over a period of time (48 hours) the condition stabilized.

2. Various metal for dental use, produced an unstable condition in the (-) side is placed.

3. Two teeth, under laboratory conditions, with different amounts of mercury in the fillings in contact, in an electro- conducting container exhibited decalcification in the one with the highest mercury content.

4. High to medium gold alloy inlay and a tooth containing an amalgam placed into an electro test container, exhibited a stronger current flow than in example three. Again a remarkable decalcification took place in the hard tissues of the tooth with the most mercury.

5. Other experiments on animals produced the same results.

6. Pulp tissue from the galvanic current produced pathological changes indicating that the battery effect of amalgams can affect the health of the tooth.

7. The forgoing information demontstrates the changes in the hard and soft tissue the galvanic current can produce on the teeth that contain amalgams.

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