Oral Potential Meter

The effects of plaque: a bio-electrical phenomena
An electrical potential applied to bone will cause demineralization at the positive electrode and calcification at the electrode.
Nature 104: 652-54, 1964

Electrical currents applied to tooth structure act in the same way, producing decalcification at the positive electrode and calcification at the negative electrode.
Arch Oral Biology 11: 931-36.1966

Dental plaque can act as a fuel cell, capable of generating an electrical potential.
Parker, RB and Snyder, LM the electrical potential of dental plaque
Life Science 3: 1276-79 1964

Voltages produced by bacterial mats vary depending on temperature and the strains of organisms. Mats of mixed cultures may produce up to 160 millivolts. A dramatic increase occurred when the mat was flushed over by sugar of up to 450 millivolts.
Arch Oral Biol 122: 131-140, 1967

Electrical potential of the plaque may play a role in the decalcification of tooth structure associated with the caries process.
J D Res… 48: 795-98, 1969 JD Res 52:199-205,. 1973

Calcified tissues of bone an teeth maintain resting potential. Cell activity is mainly responsible for bio-electrical potential in bone. When metabolism ceases, the potential also ceases. Calcif Tissue re…13; 53-62, 1963

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