Pain Control

This article is for preoperative and postoperative surgery of cavitations, simple and complicated extraction, control of bleeding, swelling and discomfort.

  • Preoperative and postoperative surgical steps for patient comfort.
  • Reasons for postoperative pain from extractions.
  • Patients home care to prevent pain after oral surgery.
  • Treatment of dry sockets.
  • Use of magnets for after surgery pain control

paincontThis is infection from a root canal, if not removed it can be the reason for pain and poor health. Oral surgery of any kind is a major operation when it is performed on yourself, when it is performed on someone else it is classified as minor. Teeth have a far reaching effect on the body producing major problems in many cases that go unrecognized resulting in treatment that can goes on forever without a cure.
Knowing the Energetic Relation of the Teeth to the Organ and Tissue Systems chart is the first step to understanding the possibility of the oral cavity as a cause of ill health.

Dr. Voll states that "ninety percent of systemic problems are caused or influenced by the oral cavity". This information will help health professionals and their patient understand the importance of preparing the patient for all types of surgery. Many surgical failures have nonviable teeth and metal restorations at the root of the cause of ill health.

This procedure is for planned extractions. The first step to prepare the patient for simple or complicated extractions is removal of all metals from the oral cavity. This will include the composites that have aluminum, barium, iron oxide and or fluoride. All metals have a bad effect on healing that cannot always be seen immediately. Blood studies have demonstrated an increase in the immune system after metals have been removed. Each tooth has its direct or indirect association to organs and tissue systems. The best book for a detailed explanation of this association is


Research work done in Germany supports the findings that metals inhibit healing and can leave residual ostitis in old extraction sight. Amalgam tattoos with their metal content are also an important factor as is removing metals from the teeth.

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