Pathology of Jaw

Turn instrument on and off after each stimulation to conserve battery. CEDS probe is then applied to the Ly2 point and readings are recorded as well as jaw point location if dysfunction is noted. These areas can be noted on the note pad in the CEDS soft ware. Probe tips are removable and sterilizable. The basis for the skin conductance measurements and stimulation were established by Dr. R. Voll, M.D. 1956 to 1978 Refer to resource books.

Basis for Skin Conductance
The body, like any other substance, has electrical properties of conductance and resistance which can be measured by applying a current.
b. Each conductance point in a healthy individual is 100,000 ohms, while the surrounding tissue is 2-3 million ohms. Stim-1-applying to dysfunction jaw tissue will be recorded by the CEDS in the ranges of 65 or higher, healthy tissue when stimulated in the same manner will record reading of 48 to 55 without an indicator drop.
Method of Study
Ly2 is balanced before stimulating with Stim-1- odontons of the jaw. Each recording is used to determine condition of the stimulated tissue. Confirmation is determined by the oral pathologists report These findings are coordinated and submitted to the IRB.

A box with a ground lead and a positive probe lead. On and off push button switch with an LED to indicate when 9 volt battery is out putting. The frequency is between 40 and 50 KHZ. Voltage out put is 3.5 volts at the probe end divided by 1Killaohm is 3.5 milliamps. This research addresses the need for convenient, cost effective, safe and timely data collection about the patient. Like the temperature measurement, the conductance and stimulation of the jaw tissue provides a simple, inexpensive, non invasive screening method that gives immediate findings to the patient and operator for surgical or nonsurgical intervention.

Resource information.
The following books and material can be ordered through Dr. Ed Arana 408-659-5385 Fax 408-659-2417.
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Issued by the Joseph Purcell Research Memorial
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