Protecting the Patient, Assistant and Dentist from Mercury Fumes

Consider a high vacuum held at the chin for the removal of mercury fumes created during the drilling of mercury containing amalgam in the tooth. An exhaust hose should direct the mercury fumes outside to a safe place away from the patient, the assistant, and the dentist.  

High vacum at the chin for under $100.00 from Home Depot. Look for rigid shop vacuum that will meet your needs. Pool hose is attached to the intake for patient to hold at the chin, another pool hose is attached to the outlet and directly out of the building to a safe place.

Mercury fumes are very light and will move with the negative air flow.

The Clean Up Tip fits directly around tooth providing
continuous evacuation.

The Tip also effectively protects cheek and tongue.

The handles are reusable, the plastic tips are used only one time. The Tip can be moved to different angles, about 75 degrees. This Clean Up Tip along with the vacuum at the chin will aid in the removal of amalgam grindings and fumes from the mercury in the fillings.

Handle fits directly around the tooth providing continuous evacuation with greater cheek and tongue protection.
Swivel nozzle for one-time use to be placed around the tooth.

Can be swiveled about 75°

Clean Up tip is used in the oral cavity
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