Dental Screening

Case Histories:

According to the x-ray of #31 tooth it appears to be a good tooth.

When that tooth was tested with Computerized Electrodermal Screening (EDS)
the tooth showed compromised.
The tooth was then extracted and broke open to reveal a calcified root which was killing the tooth..


51 year old male had an extremely painful right elbow.

Examination showed on obvious reason for the pain. An CEDS of the teeth pointed to a crowned upper right first bicuspid. X-rays, palpation and percussion were normal. There was no sensation to hot or cold, pulp test, all normal. Patient’s decision was made to remove the tooth with no epinephrine, or preservative anesthetic (Polocaine by Astra). Surgery consisted of a gingival flap and bone removal over the roots. Root tips broke off and had to be removed surgically. The buccal root was normal, the lingual root had an abscess to small to be seen on X-ray. Patient noticed relief of the pain in the elbow immediately on removal of the root tips.

55 year old male presented with tachycardia of 220 beats per minute during exercise (145 beats per minute is normal). Electro dermal testing revealed a high reading and ID on Ly2 when checking #32, where the lower right third molar was removed. Bone was surgically removed with immediate and complete response to a normal heart rate to exercise. Ten years later his heart rate is normal during exercise.

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