Dental Screening

 CASE 4.

24 year old female with a chief complaint of a sore throat and vomiting for three months, five times a day. The sore throat started immediately after the removal of wisdom teeth and lasted six months. The nausea was medically diagnosed as bulimia or anorexia. Electro- dermal screening of ND 1a balanced with Silver amalgam 6x. Seven small occlusal amalgams were removed, vomiting stopped within one hour.
There has been no reoccurrence of nausea and she regained her lost weight. A fibrous connective tissue focus was removed surgically from the soft tissue of the lower right and left wisdom extraction sights, stopping the sore throat.


62 year old female with diarrhea and stomach pain for three years. Conventional medication was ineffective. X-rays revealed an amalgam in the bone of # 28 from an extraction 15 years previous. She said the area did not cause any disturbance. When told of the energetic association of the stomach and pancreas she consented to having the amalgam removed. She had immediate relief of the diarrhea and stomach pain that evening.Case 6.
35 year old male with fatigue, weight loss, ankle pain and sleeplessness. Electro dermal screening was normal in all but the lung and large intestine points. These balanced with gold 6x, cadmium 6x, amalgam 6x, and gangrenous pulp. Tooth 30 and 19 root canal, with amalgam under the gold crowns. After both teeth were removed relief of the ankle pain, improved sleeping and higher energy level made his children happy with a dad that could play with them again.Case 7.
38 year old female had a #14 root canal removed because of constant discomfort. An amalgam tattoo remained on the palate next to the # 14 edentulous area. The area of the tattoo had a itching sensation. The Oral Potential Meter reading was 240 millivolts, (normal is 10 millivolts). After removal of the tattoo, the itching stopped and to her surprise her daily dry vomiting also stopped. Stomach is related to #14.

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