Turns out I wasn’t crazy

Dear Dr. Cook,

Thank you for taking such good careful care of me. Currently #4 is hanging in there. Still hoping the colloidal silver does the trick.

To think I have lived without you for almost 7 excruciatingly painful years! Asking for help with my horrid head /jaw /sinus pain was maddening. Oral Surgeons, endodontists, “holistic dentist” – ( who knew you but wouldn’t tell me about you!)  The University of Minneapolis dentists, internists, chiropractors, and cranial osteopaths – No One could help me!  I was labeled crazy with more than a few referrals to mental health for my physical pain!

A prayer at the computer in 2010 finally helped me to find you at the very top of the GOOGLE search.
The year wait to get into your chair was a very long year!

The procedures you did were nearly painless and I was also able to walk out of your office and recover my hideous hip pain that occurred simultaneously with my jaw pain. I could breath through my nose and my head began to heal. I didn’t feel sick any more. I left with so much good advice and knowledge.

Turns out I wasn’t crazy!  All those other doctors might have been though!

Now that I have this new understanding of how the meridians are in the body work,, when I started feeling sick with a heart flutter instead of a beat, I knew I should get to you right away. I felt so great when I left your office. I drove most of the way home to Minneapolis!  My husband was amazed at my immediate turn-around. (Cavitation in the 9th space!)

I tell everyone who’s interested about  my miraculous pain-relief.

My husband said on our first trip that he had hoped you weren’t “woo-woo” like some of the others and this was our last search for help. AND it was the end of searching. What I relief to have you in this world!

Many thanks for all your helpfulness and good words. It means the world to me

Love,Susan Peterson